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Kristine Ragus

Yoga Teacher

First finding Yoga in 2013 as a way to cope with chronic pain and spinal injuries, Yoga was the beginning of the physical healing process and soon became the catalyst to embrace a new way of living. 


An avid storyteller at heart with an artistic, inquisitive nature, Kristine is known for her lovingly crafted offerings that create a space for the practitioner to explore their unlimited potential and true self.


Believing that Yoga is a practice to be felt and experienced through consistent disciplined practice and self study. Known for her creative and intelligent sequencing, Kristine is passionate about sharing yoga in a way that is inclusive; through expert direction and accessible movement interwoven with heartfelt mythology and teachings that invite self acceptance, understanding and nourishment.


Kristine has completed over 1000 hrs of training in various styles of Yoga, participating in training/practices in Canada, Australia, India and Hong Kong.

Resonating deeply with the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, these teachings form the foundation from which Kristine shares the practice of Yoga from.


Based in Perth, Western Australia she has been Lead Facilitator for 200/300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and continues to offer workshops, retreats and continuing education courses on a variety of Yogic subjects nationally and internationally 


Considering herself first and foremost a forever student, Kristine continues her personal studies under the guidance of Philosophy teacher Sudhir Rishi, Creature Yoga, Anatomical studies through Anatomy Trains and continues to integrate the various  teachings of Yoga into modern day life.

Kristine Ragus
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