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Maya Fernandez

Yoga Teacher

Maya is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Boorloo offering a range of class styles to all beings and bodies. Ranging from traditional Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative yoga to Power Flows, Yoga Nidra and sound healing.

Maya's teaching style is rooted in slower, breath-led movements with emphasise on cultivating a sense of inner peace and quiet within. She is passionate about weaving together mindful movement, breath, sound, essential oils and even food, to create a deeper sense of self connection and exploration. Having experienced first hand the benefits of yoga and pranayama to assist with high level anxiety and demotivation, for it was when Maya practiced yoga for the first time and witnessed the teacher invite students to be so kind and compassionate to their bodies.


Maya intends to pass on the same sentiment and creates a safe space for her students to connect with their inner most peace away from the noise of the outside world- to tune inwards so we can tune out

Maya Fernandez
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