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Simone Kenyon

Owner & Yoga Teacher

Owner and founder of Energy Cntr Yoga, Simone's passion and love for the practice will keep you coming back for more. 

After being a gymnast for almost 10 years it was a natural progression to discover the practice of yoga.

Simone has a unique approach to teaching blending both traditional and modern yoga, her yoga practice and teaching style are inspired by her Dad and his resilient nature after he became sick contracting necrotizing fasciitis in 2010; resulting in 12 months in hospital and a continuous recovery program today. His resilience, love and passion for life inspires all of the classes Simone teaches and her promise is to always lead from a deep passion and understanding of gratitude for the human body.


Simone truly believe's that every time you step onto your yoga mat, you are practicing from a deep love for yourself.

You practice yoga simply because it is your nature to do so, there is no separation, it is simply just a way of life.  With a love for powerful, unique and strong classes, Simone's classes are designed with the underlying value to inspire students in all aspects of their body and mind.

Simone is trained by Patrick Beach in 200hr Awakening Yoga and advanced Body Reading and Adjustments.

Simone Kenyon
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