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Tara Shamprasadh

Yoga Teacher

Originally from the UK, Tara moved to Perth at the end of 2019 to live by the ocean. She came to discover yoga 9 years ago while at University studying art. She found the mental and physical benefits of yoga to be healing and inspiring and has kept it in her life ever since.


Today Tara teaches a grounded but strong yoga class, remembering it’s not about how we look, but how we feel. She likes to challenge her students in a supportive way, creating space for them to grow their personal practice.


As a teacher she also wants to assist her students in cultivating a connection to their breath and bodies in a mindful way. Tara believes yoga is for all shapes and welcomes all abilities, she hopes you leave her class with a sense of gratitude, confidence and a smile.

Tara Shamprasadh
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